Wednesday, 23 July 2014

CONFORMAT meets ConCentric, likes what it sees

(CONFORMAT rolls over in bed, opens its eyes, and glances at the clock)

What the .. ? It's July already??

(CONFORMAT springs out of bed, bolts down some cereal, races for the bus incompletely dressed and promising to brush its teeth at work.  Arrives at CONFORMAT HQ to find a year's worth of mail piling up at the door.)

So, here at CONFORMAT HQ, we've been a little distracted - it's been an interesting year - but sometimes the universe looks at its random tables and rolls a good result for you.  We were contacted by the team at ConCentric Games: they are moving to a new, larger venue, could we help them fill the space?  To which we said "the heck yeah!" and a new plan was born.

This year, ConCentric Games is being held on September 27-28 at the Burnside Community Centre, and we're running the RPG stream to join the board and card games we already know and love them for.

So with this CONFORMAT-but-not-CONFORMAT there are obviously some pros and cons with this change:

  • Pro: it will be held over two days instead of just one.
  • Pro: there will be huge range of other games available to play when you aren't playing an RPG.
  • Pro: it's actually been organised and happening, which is more than you can say for us this year.

  • Con: it won't be called CONFORMAT

If, like us, you feel that the pros outweigh the cons, then you'll be as excited as we are to get on board the ConCentric train and join us for two days of board, card, _and_ role-playing games at ConCentric.

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